The - Devil - In - toxic - action

Doctor (a man): Tell me my child, what seems to be the problem?
Patient (a girl): As soon as I'm left alone, the Devil wanders into my soul and I pretend to myself that its impossible, that everything is a dream.
Doctor: I see. Elaborate...
Patient: I go out, to the old milestone insanely expecting Him to go there. Knowing that I wait for him there. I wait for him there, desperately... (She stands up, walks towards the window and looks trough it) Come! Come! Come here at once... (she mumbles) Every night with no moon. Because Doctor, all of my being is now in pining, what formerly had cheered me now seems insignificant, so insignificant... (Looks away with vacant eyes.)
Doctor: I see... (Pause. Writes on a paper) Take this prescription to the Pharmacy. You must take these pills, I think they will help you fell better. And take some vitamins too. You need some color on your cheeks, a young girl like you shouldn't worry so much with such nonsense.
Patient: I have feelings... (Almost to herself) Do you think I will be safe from him, Doctor? I mean, really safe?
Doctor: Who knows my dear... Now, go home. Tell your mother I send my regards. And please, try to get some rest. (Opens the door)
Patient: I cant, tonight there's no moon, I will be waiting for him. (smiling)

(Based on the poem: The Devil, PJ Harvey)

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